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Art & Design

what you will learn:

Over the two years, three projects will be completed to develop skills through different forms of Art and Design. This will enable pupils to meet the requirements of the assessment objectives and evidence and provide evidence of drawing and written annotation of ideas and outcomes. Techniques and materials covered including mixed media, drawing, printing, photography and painting.

Portfolio projects may cover topics such as War and Conflict, close-up, disguise/identity, natural forms, Food, Landscape and a choice from a past paper to ensure pupils are practising for their externally set assignment.

How you will be assessed:

The GCSE Art and Design course is 2 ears and consists of coursework and an externally set assignment -weighted as 60% coursework (2x projects - 1 in year 10 and 1 in year 11) and 40% exam (6 weeks preparing for and then a 10 hour exam) of the overall grade.

Students are assessed in 4 areas for each project as well the externally set exam:

1. Development of ideas, including artist studies, artist research and discussing ideas through writing.

2. Refining ideas using different media, paints, pen, techniques and experimentation.

3. Recording ideas through drawing, photography and clear writing skills

4. Present a final piece with an evaluation


Who should choose this course?

Enjoy drawing, painting and writing about art? Annotating work and writing about artists is essential.

Prepared to experiment?

Open to new ideas?


Enjoy being creative with art activities?