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Entry level

All students are given the chance to complete the entry level certificate in science (AQA). 

The components covered are:

  • Component 1 - The human body
  • Component 4 - Chemistry in our world
  • Component 6 - Electricity, magnetism and waves

Those students that start with us in year 10 will complete components 4 and 6 first.  Component 1 is taught alongside the GCSE. Students need to complete an externally set exam in each component as well as completing and writing up a practical activity.

There are opportunities throughout year 10 and year 11 for students that have missed any assessments to catch them up. This includes those students that join late.

GCSE Biology

This GCSE follows the AQA specification. All students have the opportunity to sit this GCSE.  There are 2 exams that are taken at the end of year 11, each exam lasts 1 hour 45 and will make up 50% of the final grade. This GCSE will be graded fro 1 to 9.

The GCSE has certain practicals that students must know about. These can be covered in the exam. These are the required practicals, a list can be found below.

Year 10 and 11 topicsStudent Checklist required practical


All students have been set up on Tassomai, a revision website. This account can be accessed from both school and home. Click on the link below and go to the log in page.

Username: firstname.surname@willadams.medway.sch.uk

(for example; john.smith@willadams.medway.sch.uk)

Password:  Willadams2021