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What you will learn

This is a largely practical course giving you the opportunity to further develop your skills in screen, stencil and lino printing; Print dissemination; dye techniques; fabric painting and decoration and hand and machine sewing techniques.

Designing and creating a range of products to meet design briefs, you will be encouraged to widen your imagination, creativity and develop your design techniques.

During the course you will understand the influence of the design cycle, applying this to produce a relevant T-shirt design in answer to a set brief. Additionally, you will research ethical and environmental issues influencing fashion today.

How you will be assessed

  • NCFE Level 1 award in Creative Crafts (Textiles) (601/3360/0/TEX)
  • Explore Craft Resources (D/506/2654)
  • Explore Craft Ideas (H/506/2655)
  • Create, Present and Review Final Textiles Item (Y/506/2667)
  • NCFE Level 2 Award in Creative Craft (Textiles) (601/3361/2/TEX)
  • M/506/2674 Use materials, tools and equipment to develop craft techniques
  • H/506/2672 Develop craft ideas
  • F/506/2680 Create, present and evaluate final textiles item

Your portfolio will be assessed throughout the course. Each unit taken will be graded pass or fail. A final grade will be awarded at the end of the course by an external NCFE verifier. All units must achieve a minimum pass to successfully complete and pass the course

Who should choose this course?

Students who are creative and interested in experimenting with a range of practical design applications. This is a great course for  those who are interested careers in the creative industry such as Design, Fashion and Textiles; Clothing Design and Production; Interior Design; Visual Merchandising, Tailoring; Styling and Soft Furnishings.