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Hair & Beauty

This short course will enable students to prepare and carry out basic hair styling for women under supervision.

The course will introduce students to basic hair styling techniques for women allowing them to develop hairdressing skills.

Students will have the opportunity to create different styling techniques to produce different finished looks.  They will develop the dexterity and hand-eye co-ordination.  This skills could form the basis for working within the industry which requires practical ability and help students to progress within the hairdressing industry if they so choose.

Students may have practised techniques such as blow drying, curling, plaiting, straightening and tonging on themselves or friends and family.  This course will give them the basis on which to build the necessary knowledge of hairdressing and students will have an increased awareness of aspects relating to part of the creative elements of hairdressing.

How you will be assessed

 Students will be assessed by means of observations, question and answer sessions, written and practical work, culminating in a portfolio of evidence including worksheets and annotated photographs or video evidence.

This course is half theory and half practical. Students will practise different techniques, look at the different factors which can influence women’s choice in hairstyles, styling methods, and different products, tools and equipment and their purposes. 

Students will then choose and event such as a wedding, festival, party, holiday and so on, and create the look whilst being assessed on how they carry this out, customer care and health and safety awareness. We use both the sally head hairdressing heads to practice on and then move onto human hair!